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Advanced Courses

When Is My Dog Ready For Advanced?

Kim Hallworth
Access code required

This course is free for graduates with current Foundation Certification

Have you completed Lead the Way's Foundation Visiting Therapy Dog and Handler Certification Course and you're excited to learn more? Are you wanting to continue onto the Advanced Therapy Dog and Handler Certification Course but not sure if you're ready? This short course is designed to help you decide if you're ready for the Advanced Course and to give a brief overview of what is involved in Advanced Certification. This course is only accessible via access code so please contact us if you are a Lead the Way foundation graduate and would like an opportunity to view this course.

Topics Covered:

  • Pre- requisites
  • Time & Experience Working
  • Obedience Standard
  • Manners Standard
  • Response To Communication
  • Advanced Course Overview

Further Short Courses To Consider Enrolling In:

  • Neurobiology of Animal Assisted Therapy

More Information:

If you are interested in completing the Advanced Course with your dog then please visit

For an overview of all therapy dog certification please see

For more information on all of our courses see


Here is the course outline:

1. When Is My Dog Ready For Advanced?

General guidance on whether you and your dog are ready to enrol in the advanced course

pageText Introduction
pageText About Lead The Way
pageText About Your Instructor
pageText Module One - general standard
pageText Module Two - practical standard
pageText Module Three - advance course overview
pageText Conclusion
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